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Benefits of social media monitoring

We all know that social media can be a tool which can easily lead us towards success. We also realize that a single crisis in the online space is all it takes to severely damage the reputation of our brand and leave a bad taste. So can we avoid bad situations in social media? Of course, we can! That is exactly why social media monitoring was created. However, it is worth getting to know all the benefits of regular social media monitoring.


Social media monitoring involves following everything that happens in the social media of our choice, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, with the use of analytical tools developed especially for the purpose. Defining the phrases, words or thematic areas that interest us will help us always be up to date with the topics of interest to us, relating to our industry, competition and currently fashionable topics.

Therefore, social media monitoring makes it possible to:

  • analyze results in real-time, thus being an indispensable tool for marketing departments, social media ninjas and PR specialists who care about the best interest of the company;
  • find the source in which the phrase or word we are interested in was mentioned, i.e. also the answer to all kinds of “taunts” in social media which make it possible to respond to crises fast;
  • analyze sentiment, i.e. assess whether the mention in social media was positive, negative or neutral.


1. Monitoring makes it possible to respond quickly in a crisis

That strength of monitoring is most often mentioned at the beginning. Why is that? Because every company and brand cares about its good image. Being able to quickly find the source of the crisis, be it an unflattering post, comment or opinion, allows us to act quickly and take action immediately, not after some time when the situation could become unnecessarily aggravated. Monitoring also helps to monitor a crisis, if it does happen. Thanks to monitoring, we are always up to date with the topic of interest to us.

2. Thanks to monitoring, we can follow our audience, customers as well as competitors

After we define proper phrases, monitoring will help us identify the preferences of our clients and specify them more accurately as the target group. The data provided by monitoring will help us make statistics about our target and from that point, it takes only one step to develop fabulous content marketing and boost sales.

Thanks to the appropriate tool, we can also search for potential partners such as celebrities, influencers and micro-influencers who might be interested in working with our brand. A good brand ambassador is a person worth their weight in gold, therefore it is also worth using monitoring for that.

Social media monitoring makes it possible to follow our own actions and those of our fans as well as competitors. Thanks to that we can always keep abreast of everything. We will be kept informed about the successes and failures of our competition.

3. Monitoring supports the sales department

Thanks to monitoring, we can quickly respond to keywords and answer questions that emerge on the web. If, for example, our company sells perfumes, any questions regarding the choice of the right perfume for a mother or wife should come straight to us, so that we can quickly respond to the needs of those who are asking.

Monitoring will also help us respond quickly to problems reported by our customers. Thanks to that, we can certainly strengthen our position as a leader and a professional in the selected field.

4. Thanks to monitoring, we can develop campaigns and review activities

Certainly, the advantages of social media monitoring tools include the ability to efficiently generate campaign reports and thus the measurability of our activities within social media. Do you want to quickly check whether your latest post caused the right buzz or whether the new product is being “talked about” in the channels of your choice? Thanks to monitoring, you can quickly get the data you want.

5. You can find out not only how much they talk about you but also how they talk about you

The principle which says that “it doesn’t matter what they say as long as there is a buzz” does not necessarily apply to social media. First of all, social media monitoring will help us analyze what impression our brand makes on the audiences in a specific context. The so-called sentiment analysis is responsible for that. Thanks to it, you can also find out whether specific actions were met with a positive, negative or neutral reception. Such information will certainly help you develop further effective marketing activities.

As you can see, social media monitoring is more than just a needed tool. It is indispensable for every marketing specialist. Therefore, it is worth using it in many ways – not only to mitigate crises but most of all to prevent them.

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