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How to use media monitoring when writing academic papers?

Writing research papers using media monitoring is a brilliant way to save time, avoid scattered information and use reliable data sources. Why is this solution worth a closer look? In this post, we’ll show you how to use modern media monitoring tools to find valuable publications and maintain academic standards.

Writing a research paper quickly can be challenging when you work, provide for your family, or try to have a social life. Often there is not enough time for all these activities.

Reaching valuable information that can be used for referencing academic work requires commitment. What if along the way it turns out that you had acquired content that is not acceptable to cite and its quality is poor or below expectations?


How to write diploma projects quickly and effectively

If you start doing research before writing a thesis by googling the phrase “effective ways to quickly write a diploma project”, you will probably find guides that were created a few years ago.

What does it mean?

These ideas were gathered when tools supporting effective writing of academic papers, such as Inforia were not so popular. Fortunately, today there are more and more people who value their time and are open to modern ways of obtaining information. Perhaps you are also one of them?


What are the difficulties with the traditional search for information for writing a research paper?

What would you do if you were searching for articles, broadcasts, programs, posts and comments, and instead received fragmented data and meaningless research excerpts?

Suppose you are looking for specific information:

  • business information in the press, radio, TV,
  • economic data on industry portals, blogs, platforms or in the social media,
  • comments of experts and authorities on forums and groups,
  • conference papers and working papers discussed on the Internet,


and you get… low-quality data that anyone can reach after digging through tons of meaningless content. Would such quality of information acquired help you prepare a reliable research paper? Probably not!


Such an effect of your search will certainly cause frustration, anger and disappointment, and such method of work is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is how you can describe the “classic” model of obtaining information, which dominated until recently.


Writing a research paper – library versus media monitoring 

If you have time to laboriously browse through catalogues and search for materials and data in the largest Polish academic libraries, then you can stop reading! However, we know that even the richest library collections will not guarantee that you will get to the specific information you need. With the traditional form of obtaining information, sometimes you have to accept that you will miss something. Are you ready for this?

Fortunately, you can make data collection simple by using media monitoring. How?


What will you gain thanks to media monitoring? 

Note that when you use media monitoring you can:

  • reach information in real time,
  • check who is mainly involved in the discussion and check how individual publications were distributed over a period of time,
  • analyse the opinions of the authors of blog entries or journalists who discussed the topic that interests you,
  • check which materials had the greatest reach and impact, what was their meaning in the context of the analysed issue,
  • use systems and solutions that help organise retrieved sets of information into categories and tags.


How to use media monitoring to write a research paper?

When writing research papers, apps like will help you reach journals, research papers and comprehensive reviews with valuable substantive content.

Effective media monitoring may also contribute to the acquisition of full-text articles from scientific journals, academic periodicals. Decide for yourself whether it is worth it!

Remember that you can also have analysts search for archival publications with phrases or topics defined by you.

How does Inforia work?

Inforia is an advanced portal on which monitoring results including keywords and phrases defined by the user are collected.

Here you can independently define and view monitoring results, generate breakdowns and reports, and create your own streams of information. But that’s not all, because as a project administrator you can:

  • manage projects and notifications that you set yourself to get information for your research,
  • invite new users and assign them roles if you decide to have someone help you in collecting your data,
  • tag, sort and filter information, making it easier for you to organise your data sets and reach specific materials.


Example of launching media monitoring for writing a research paper

Suppose you would like to search for information about astigmatism treatment in Poland. However, you do not want to receive information on the methods used in the context of Poland, Russia and Switzerland. See how it works.

  • Your key phrase is: astigmatism treatment  that’s the focus of your search.
  • Related phrase: Poland. This helps refine your results and look for the key phrase in a specific context
  • Exclusions: Russia, Switzerland. They help exclude information that is irrelevant to you in the context of the search and is not intended to appear in the results.


Remember that the system will search for phrases in such forms that you define for monitoring – e.g. in the denominator. If you want to search for other forms of phrases, enter them in the following lines.

This is what it looks like in a nutshell. What do you think about it? Isn’t it impressive? Now imagine what opportunities you have in front of you to quickly write a research paper based on the right information.

Summing up

Using media monitoring for writing academic papers, you don’t have to worry anymore that your search results will not be valuable, as it may happen when browsing through traditional library catalogues.

If you define your search terms and phrases well, poor-quality search results will no longer be your problem.

The Inforia tool will also help you monitor synonyms of the searched term, which will enrich your information with broader, narrower or related terms.

You must have noticed that writing good research papers, especially in the era of Internet access, is easier than it used to be. It is worth using the available tools that facilitate work. They can save a large amount of your time and work.

We hope that this post convinced you to get acquainted with Inforia and start writing your diploma project efficiently.

We showed you how media monitoring supports authors of research papers. If you want to tap this potential – write to us. We will help you write your diploma project faster.


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