Social listening

Artur Bartkowiak / 26.02.2021
Media monitoring at the service of influencers
Translated literally, an influencer is a person of influence. Many experts and market analysts present the influencer as a profession…
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PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów / 07.01.2021
What keywords should each brand monitor?
Keywords are a very important element of search engine positioning process. Their proper selection, use in the right way on…
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PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów / 08.01.2021
Content marketing tools that will improve your work
Virtually the entire marketing community believes that “content is king”. However, not every company fully capitalizes on the potential of…
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Katarzyna Popławska / 08.01.2021
Why is it worth analyzing your competition?
As we know, a competitive analysis can be defined as identification of competitors of a given brand to get to…
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PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów / 09.01.2021
How and why to invest in Instagram Marketing?
Knowing how to promote a brand on Instagram is extremely valuable nowadays. Instagram can be a powerful weapon for every…
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