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PSMM Monitoring & More / 11.10.2023
From the era of journalists to the era of anonymous authors. This is how Internet monitoring has changed
In September, the Google search engine celebrated its 25th anniversary. When users took their first steps online a quarter of…
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PSMM Monitoring & More / 04.10.2023
ChatGPT and business activity: how to use this tool?
It appeared at the end of November 2022 and revolutionised many industries straightaway. The best, or perhaps worst, thing about…
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PSMM Monitoring & More / 28.03.2023
How to effectively position your brand, website, products and services?
How to position yourself on the market to be noticed by those who your company cares about the most? Before…
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PSMM Monitoring & More / 15.11.2022
How to use Business Insights for decision making in your company?
“And what next” are 3 words spoken by business owners when they feel that they have already hit the wall….
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PSMM Monitoring & More / 09.09.2022
ESG: 3 letters that can influence the future of your company
ESG is an element that investors and your customers will pay attention to more and more often. By taking care…
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