We strive to meet the growing information needs of enterprises, institutions and people by providing them with comprehensive information solutions based on knowledge from the media and modern technologies. We help build a positive media image by improving efficiency and strengthening the market position of our clients.

We look to the future, adjusting our activities to the changing media market and satisfying the broadly understood information needs. We educate the market in terms of access to information, its processing and use.



We are a well-known and respected brand in the media, PR and marketing sector.

We work closely with industry organizations such as the Polish Public Relations Association, the Association of Polish Journalists and we support the Congress of PR Professionals.

We are patron to projects and initiatives which are consistent with our mission, vision and values. For over a dozen years, together with the “Press” monthly, we have been carrying out unique research on media activity of brands known as Top Brand.

Information about a co-financed project
PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów was awarded funding from European Funds for the implementation of the project…

Establishment of the Centre for Documentation and Press Analysis of the Wielkopolskie Press Publishing House (Zbigniew Długi starts his employment at the Centre)


Privatization of the Centre for Documentation and Press Analysis of the Wielkopolskie Press Publishing House. The Wielkopolska Information Agency PRESS-SERVICE is established. Acquisition of the archive of Poznań newspapers (the oldest issue dates back to 1864) and a collection of 100,000 photos. Employment: 5 people. Monitoring of press materials – paper clippings.


Purchase of the first computers with 300 MB discs. A computerized list of articles is developed. 300 press releases were stored daily in computer memory. The “Press Power Index,” an indicator of the effectiveness of press publications and advertisement, is developed upon the initiative of CEO Zbigniew Długi, for the preparation of industry reports.


Development of an internal network of seven computers.


Development of the half-millionth press release – an article from the Kalisz issue of “Gazeta Poznańska”. Employment: 15 people. The company’s database includes 13,111 institutions, 7,340 towns, 50,134 people, 1,514 thematic groups, 541 press titles.


Introduction of searchable and analyzable electronic information processing (WinPRESS).


Launch of the first remote system for the management of data from monitoring for the Clients.

Win in the first tender for press monitoring for the Senate of the Republic of Poland.


Introduction of the daily media review delivered by e-mail.

Launch of the internet monitoring service.

Development of the first solution enabling access to online information via a web browser.


Permanent television and radio monitoring added to PRESS-SERVICE’s offer.


PRESS-SERVICE awarded the status of one of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland according to the Home&Market monthly.


The opening of a sales and customer service branch in Warsaw

The launch of Inforia.net, i.e. the second generation information portal for the Clients

PRESS-SERVICE joins the elite FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d`Extraits de Presse) based in Paris


The company changes its name to PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów

Acquisition of the Alma Internet media monitoring department and a merger with the Central Media Review Agency


Sebastian Bykowski awarded a distinction for his merits for the development of science and Public Relations practices by the organizers of the PR Congress in Rzeszów

Acquisition and development of the CafeNews.pl project – the first Polish information aggregator


PRESS-SERVICE awarded the ABCXXI Foundation’s medal “The whole Poland reads to children”

A strategic agreement with GLM Gajewski&Morawski


Merger with Media Explorer

PRESS-SERVICE awarded the title of the Gniezno Archdiocese Caritas Ambassador


Development of the first TOP BRAND Ranking with the “Press” monthly

The company awarded a Microsoft software legality certificate (Microsoft License Management)

A strategic agreement with the Telephone Information Agency


PRESS-SERVICE awarded the ABCXXI Foundation’s statuette “The whole Poland reads to children”

The launch of the media express product

Introduction of the Polish-market-unique service for the calculation of advertising equivalent for online materials


Introduction of the first social media monitoring service on the Polish market (Facebook, Twitter and Blip)

Launch of the first mobile version of the media review

The company awarded the title of a Microsoft Certified Partner

Launch of PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów’s official Facebook profile


PRESS-SERVICE awarded the ABCXXI Foundation’s super-statuette “The whole Poland reads to children”

During the 44th FIBEP Congress, PRESS-SERVICE announces the establishment of the CEE Media Monitoring Group

PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów awarded the title of a “Business Gazelle”


The company is awarded the title of a Partner of the 10th anniversary of the social campaign “The whole Poland reads to children”

Redesign of the logotype and modification of CI elements

The company is awarded the title of the Silver Independent Software Vendor (ISV) by Microsoft


Launch of a new version of the Inforia portal

Launch of a new website


Sebastian Bykowski, vice-president of the board and director-general, awarded a diploma of recognition of the Polish Public Relations Association for his long-standing cooperation and commitment to building the PR industry


PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów awarded the title of a “Business Gazelle”

The Effecto System, which makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of press releases, added to PRESS-SERVICE’s offer


Relocation of the company’s Warsaw branch. The new address is Warta Tower, Chmielna 85/87

Development of new objectives for the Performance indicator, expected to ultimately facilitate the elimination of AVE in PR research

The “PSMM Employee Budget” project was included in the nationwide Responsible Business in Poland 2015 report and appreciated for its social character


Przemysław Palacz, head of the department for research and development of IT technologies, appointed board member


Launch of a new version of the Inforia portal


PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów obtains the Forbes Diamonds 2022 award

CEO Sebastian Bykowski obtains the Andrzej Stolarczyk SAPR award in recognition of his exceptional merits for the Polish PR industry

Change of company name to PSMM Sp. z o. o. and rebranding


PSMM Monitoring & More obtains the Forbes Diamonds 2023 award.

Sebastian Bykowski received the main prize in the “Innovative Leader 2023” contest.

Alicja Bykowska 01
Alicja Bykowska

Director of the Analysis Division,
Director of the Sales and Customer Service Department,
Personal Data Protection Officer

A graduate of Management and Marketing at the Poznań University of Technology and PR and Crisis Management at the WSB University.

For a dozen years, she has been developing original methods for analyzing and measuring the effects of media relations activities and as an “advocate” for our business partners, she co-develops a friendly ecosystem of products and services.

Mother to two wonderful girls, Natalia and Patrycja.

An enthusiast of healthy eating, the sun and Greece … she has been visualizing her second home on its islands for years.

sebastian.bykowski 3
Sebastian Bykowski

President of the Management Board,

A graduate of Management and Marketing at the Poznań University of Technology and Economic Law at the Poznań University of Economics.

Co-author of studies and scientific publications in the field of marketing, public relations and management, awarded a distinction for his merits for the development of science and public relations practices.

He received the main prize in the “Innovative Leader 2023” contest.

He passionately teaches media monitoring and information management at universities all over Poland. He delivers workshops and presentations at congresses and industry conferences.

A motorbike enthusiast. A rebellious Easy Rider, he travelled half of Europe on his two-wheeler. He loves good music and good cinema.

Marcin Szczupak 2
Marcin Szczupak

Head of Research & Development

A graduate of Public Relations at the Poznań University of Social Sciences and Management and Marketing at the Poznań University of Management and Banking.

He worked on projects for several hundred international corporations, ministries, governmental offices and agencies. An expert, evaluator and member of the committee for the development of the competence standard for analytical professions.

He is interested in the use of technology in information transfer and issues addressed by PR, marketing, sales and management.

A proud dad to Albert and Leonard. An enthusiast of motorization and new media.

Michał Iwanowski
Michał Iwanowski

Head of the Department for Research and Development of IT Technologies

A graduate of Computer Science in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.

He specializes in designing complex IT processes based on data from various sources and in classification and multi-thread systems. A key member of the team responsible for the development of the Inforia portal.

He likes to spend his free time close to nature, away from crowded cities and water and wind are his two favourite elements. An avid inland and sea sailor. He has a significant collection of sports kites.

He brews the best espresso in this part of Europe!

Przemysław Palacz
Przemysław Palacz

Board Member

A graduate of Software Development Technology at the Poznań University of Technology.

Author of innovative IT solutions in the field of media monitoring and information management. He is responsible for the most important technological implementations in the company. One of the key members of the team working on the development of Inforia.

He specializes in programming and his professional interests include Machine Learning, NLP, HA systems, Agile and NoSQL.

A man of many talents, a great speaker, a master of time management. Literature is his great passion.

Tomasz Lubieniecki
Tomasz Lubieniecki

Head of the Media Reports Department

A graduate of Economics and Political Science at the University of Szczecin and postgraduate studies in Market Research Methods at the WSB in Poznań.

A media research expert. He co-creates and develops methods of measuring media relations activities. He specializes in analyzing the effectiveness of sponsorship and changes in the media market.

An avid Lech Poznań fan – he loyally cheers for the Kolejorz team regardless of the weather and circumstances. Apart from football, his great passions are mountain hiking and travel.

Katarzyna Popławska 4
Marketing and PR
Katarzyna Popławska

Head of the Marketing and PR Department

A graduate of law at the Adam Mickiewicz University and postgraduate studies in Public Relations at the WSB University in Poznań. A certified manual application tester.

She is responsible for the area of marketing and public relations and cooperates from the business side in the implementation of IT solutions. A member of the team responsible for the development of the Inforia portal.

In private, she is enormously committed to developing programs which prevent animal homelessness effectively and on a long-term basis.

Her core values are independence, tolerance, freedom, development and help for animals.

Sales and service
Tomasz Jakubiak

Media intelligence manager

A graduate of Public Administration at the University of Szczecin.

Together with clients, he designs solutions in the field of information management. A member of the team responsible for the development of the Inforia portal.

He likes cycling and mountain expeditions – he already has an extensive collection of peaks and plans to conquer many more.

He is passionate about DIY – he tries to make as many things as possible by himself. As a hobby, he tries to compete with IT and programming specialists.

Sales and service
Justyna Kaźmierczak

Media intelligence manager

A graduate of Pedagogy at the University of Social Sciences and Journalism in Poznań.

She supports the clients with her extensive knowledge of the use of media monitoring and media analysis in business. She creates and co-develops new products.

Her famous “sayings” often become a permanent part of the company’s language. Queen of a sharp retort and a multiple Polish champion in horse riding.

She loves travelling and is a great animal lover.

Sales and service
Marcin Piróg

Media intelligence manager

A graduate of Commerce and Marketing at the University of Economics in Poznań and postgraduate studies in Computer Networks and Internet Applications at the Poznań University of Technology.

He specializes in tailoring and optimizing media intelligence solutions to the specific needs of the clients. A member of the team responsible for the development of the Inforia portal.

Dad to Marianna and Zuzanna. An enthusiast of windsurfing and a healthy lifestyle. He infects the world with his smile and optimism and as a hobby, he runs the fanpage of the town of Jutrosin.

In line with our CSR strategy, we get involved in the development of the local community and our employees and partners on many levels.