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5 ideas for effective marketing of your hair salon

There are many methods of marketing suitable for a hair salon. As an owner, you probably know a few of them. The question is, are these marketing methods effective for your hair salon? Today we’re going to show you some ideas that work well. Write down the ones you like and check immediately if you are able to apply such marketing in your hair salon, so that this investment saves your time and brings profits straightaway.

Ready? Let’s start!


Effective marketing of a hair salon – Idea 1:  Make your salon visible on the Internet


Most people who are making their first steps in the hair and beauty industry and do not know where to start their marketing make a common mistake. What? They commission a website in the form of a classic business card. Without the About us tab. Without blog. Without the News tab. Only Home page, contact details and map.

Although theoretically they have a website, SEO specialists and brand online monitoring experts will confirm it unequivocally. This is only apparent saving, because it does not promote the visibility of your hair salon on the web.

Why? You’ll find out in a moment.

If you don’t have a blog, your chances of attracting new clients and differentiating yourself from your competitors are lower. If you also include the right key phrases in the text on the page, it will automatically increase the likelihood that your client will find you online using a search engine.

In a moment you will read what you can do to start working towards effective marketing for your hair salon.


Describe the type of services you offer

Yes! You see well. Don’t be stingy. Don’t just use single words like:

  • women’s colour
  • highlights
  • ombre, sombre
  • men’s cut


Your potential client directed to you from the search engine will look for a specific service within their location. Use it!

Therefore, when selecting the phrases that you will place on the website, use the words appropriate for the services you offer. Consider also the phrases related to this service, but also the description of the price that customers can enter on Google.


  • light sombre on medium length – price
  • highlights on short blond hair
  • men’s cut Wodzisław
  • premium hair salon Kraków


Do you see the difference? Instead of single words that all your competitors have, use methods that will help you strengthen your brand’s market position. Competitors that do not know effective marketing for hair salons will not even get the idea what you do. Use it and get ahead of them from the beginning!


Narrow down your search criteria

Your goal is to target promotional activities on the website at a specific client in your area. Have you ever thought of it that way? See, many people are not aware of the fact that by not adding information about the location they compete with large nationwide brands.

What can you do with this knowledge?

Look, if you run a hair salon in Kraków, use a phrase with this location. Write ‘trendy hair salon Kraków’. Based on this, you can go even further. In large cities, the mere inclusion of the district will become even more helpful for the client who will be looking for a good hair salon in their area.

If we are talking about effective marketing for hair salons – you must mention the Google My Business business card. It is a brilliant and free tool, thanks to which you can influence the positioning of your website and increase the awareness of your brand among local clients. And that’s what you are interested in, right?

How does it work in practice? Thanks to a correctly completed business card that will enable you to add entries, products and reviews – Internet users who are searching for a hair salon in their area – will notice you. So you increase your chances of acquiring a client and arranging an appointment with them in the salon. It’s easy!


Effective marketing of a hair salon – Idea 2: Be active online and monitor the media

Imagine that you have a tool in your company that will help you achieve your business goals faster. You acquire leads, build trust, propose good solutions. In a word, you help your clients make the right decisions exactly when they are looking for answers to specific questions, and then you sell when the right time comes.

Is it possible? Of course it is!

Look, let’s say someone on the Internet has asked a question like this:

  • “Can someone recommend a good hair salon?”
  • “Where can I find a hairdresser who does blond?”
  • “How to care for curly hair?”


You might wonder what you, as a brand owner, can do with these questions? It’s easier than you think. Remember the tool we mentioned at the beginning of the section?

There is a solution that can help you engage in discussions in real time and answer questions from clients who have a specific need at that moment. You can be there for them and immediately respond to issues, doubts and dilemmas thanks to media monitoring – social selling.

How does it work in practice?

Having access to this tool, you define the right phrases in Internet and social media monitoring, and then do something your competition will probably never do. You quickly find entries and comments in which the client, for example, is looking for a good hairdresser who will colour short blonde hair, or wonders whether a given hairstyle will be suitable for their face shape.

And what next, when you already see such a question or a comment?

Now all you have to do is redirect the client to an article on your website, where you discuss this topic, or invite the client to a consultation during which you will tell them what to consider when choosing a hairstyle. Simple isn’t it? If you would like to test this tool for free – write to us. Get a free trial.


Create valuable content

Do you want clients to visit your website, and then also your salon regularly? You must wonder what you can do to help them with this? The answer is simple. Pay attention to the content of your website. What’s the best way to do this?

Solve the problems of clients. Answer their questions in blog posts. Describe individual treatments step by step, give advice, or show how you train your staff.

What’s the point of this? There are two reasons. First of all: an informed client will trust you faster. Second: it’s about website positioning.

You probably know that Google robots analyse websites in search of specific keywords. If the user spends, for example, 7-15-19 minutes on your website, it is a signal to them that your content is interesting. So if you make sure that the user finds an answer to their questions, there is a high probability that they will stay longer on the website of your hair salon. Ultimately, there is even a chance that this Internet user will become your client. And that’s what it’s all about.

However, remember that robots are looking for keywords and people are looking for information and solutions to their problem. You have to think about it when building the marketing of your hair salon.


Make it useful

The client doesn’t just need information. As you’ve probably noticed, clients value convenience too. Therefore, make your website useful. When designing a website, don’t forget about UX – User Experience. Design it from the moment they come into contact with your brand to the moment when they make a potential complaint.

Everything matters here. Page colours. Buttons for booking a visit, the possibility of cancelling a visit. Transparent price list. Appointment forms. Maps. Quick contact or a tab with online consultation. Apparently, there are also websites where nothing happens after clicking on the phone number that should help you book a visit. Wow! Can you believe it!?


Show yourself in the media

Take care of PR. If you want even more people to know your brand, consider contacting the local media for an advertorial about the topic you choose. If you care about effective marketing of your hair salon – you can also think about giving an interview. Yes! Why not? People like such guidelines.

What else? Maybe you should be present on, it is a portal that gathers hair salons from all over Poland. If you get good reviews, you’ll be recommended more often.


See how you are perceived in Social Media

Did you know that 83% of people trust a recommendation that comes from family and friends? If we take into account the fact that over 80% of clients, before buying something, check opinions on the Internet, it will be obvious that it is good to know what and where they write about us. Why? To quickly respond to comments about your brand, so you can help your clients make the best purchasing decision for them in real time.

If you think that such an option related to social media monitoring is available only to giants, you will be pleasantly surprised. Did you know that you can also check what other people write about you on the web?

Yes! You can research opinions of clients about products and services. In crisis situations you can protect your brand image or build a strong position against the competition. How to do it? Using social media monitoring, which helps you to be present where people are talking about your brand. Check for free whether this form of effective acquisition of information suits you.


Effective marketing of a hair salon – Idea 3: Stay up to date with your offer


When we talk about effective marketing for hair salons, it is necessary to mention the offer itself. 365 days a year is a great opportunity to attract clients who will use your services today and will be happy to leave their money with you in the future.

So what can you do to attract customers to your salon once again?

It was already mentioned before – write a blog! Regularly post articles on your website that will be universal enough to attract clients each year on a given occasion. When choosing topics, pay attention to key phrases entered by users.


  • carnival hairstyle for short hair
  • simple carnival hairstyle
  • first communion braid
  • wedding bun for blonde
  • hairstyle for bride’s mother
  • hairstyle for groom
  • trendy pink bob


Well, now you’ll probably ask “how do you know what users are looking for?” Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. Listen to what your clients are saying, follow industry groups or use tools such as Google Trends. Browse the entries of your competitors, see what topics are in the top 10 positions in the search results for a given phrase, or use dedicated services thanks to which you will be able to sort threads, download reports and manage information.


Effective marketing of a hair salon – Idea 4: Use social media to promote your hair salon 


It’s true that social media can influence your company’s image. Therefore, don’t ignore them just because you don’t know, understand, or use them. If this is a problem for you – hire the right people to help you.

It just so happens that how you show yourself, what you communicate and how you respond to comments can make a big difference. Don’t underestimate it! You are probably wondering now about where to appear? Which social media should you focus on in the first place for your marketing to be effective? Or maybe you should be present in all social media at once?

Before choosing your dominant platform – check where your clients are. What your financial potential and resources are. Do not guess, because such fortune telling has already killed more than one brand that had a great appetite for success in the industry.


So what can you do? Use hard data, reports, indicators and a complete set of analytical data. You are probably wondering now how to get such information? When making key business decisions, it is worth using media reports, thanks to which you can measure the effectiveness of your activities, and also check how you perform against your competitors. Insight into such information is worth its weight in gold for many entrepreneurs. Think about it so as not to waste time and money.

See, it may also turn out that Pinterest or Tik Tok will be the best way to promote your hair salon? Did you take this into account? Instagram client metamorphoses can also sell your services well. There are many possibilities. You just need to know: who your client is and where they are. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated!


Acquire valuable information and prevent disasters

According to many experts, some of the crises and disasters in the social media could be avoided if brand managers had access to the right data and tools.

Did you know that thanks to the social media monitoring offered by PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów you can find out where you are weaker than your competitors? You can also get to know your clients’ needs.

Not everyone knows about it, but you will also find a lot of valuable information on Facebook and Instagram. You can use their advertising system, which helps you to target your ads to the right audience.

What’s all this for? In our opinion, it is worth being up to date. Quickly responding to accusations appearing in social media can save your brand image from a real disaster, which could save a lot of money that you would have spent to make things right after a scandal.


Remember to add value and publish regularly

Always take the perspective of your audience. Don’t forget that when it comes to social media, presence and regularity are important. It’s not about creating an account and ending your online presence there. Clients browse social media every day, so be there and be active regularly.

What can you do? Publish new posts in various formats and update information on available dates. Show off the results of your work. Encourage activity, but also be active yourself, and Internet users will surely appreciate it. Content marketing works!


Effective marketing of a hair salon – Idea 5: Invest in Influencer Marketing 


There is no one right strategy that can lead people to you. Fortunately, you are the one who is able to monitor the sites visited by clients on an ongoing basis. You can observe and control forums, blogs, entries, comments and discussions related to your brand to respond in time and solve the problems of your clients. Doesn’t that sound great? There used to be no such opportunities – take advantage of it!

What if you still have no idea how to attract new clients to your hair salon? Maybe it’s time to think about Influencer Marketing?

As you already know, people base their purchasing decisions on the opinions of other people. And since we spend more and more time on social media, even 4-6 hours (depending on the age group), there is a chance that your client is now looking for a hair salon right now. You will help them find you?

How to do it effectively? If you have a budget for it, maybe it’s time to include cooperation with industry celebrities in the promotional activities of your hair salon?

Influencers can add a post on their social media, a story or publish an article on their channel in exchange for using your services or for a fee. This can be a great opportunity for you to let Internet users learn about the existence of your hair salon, because each positive opinion of an Influencer will become an incentive for them to use your services.

Just be careful! Pay attention to who you work with, who belongs to their community, what analytical data they can provide you, how you will be billed and how the person will mark cooperation with you on their channel so that your time and money are well invested.



As you can see, effective marketing for a hair salon can take many forms. In this article, you learned 5 ways to do marketing, and there are many more. Remember that the diversification of your marketing activities can make your hair salon function well and your profits grow day by day.

Of course, all this will work well if you add proven tools used for example by us in PRESS- SERVICE Monitoring Mediów. If you want to find out how we can help you, so that you have a chance to take better care of your regular clients and find new ones – contact us.

We will help you to place your company in the leading positions in the hair industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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