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ESG: 3 letters that can influence the future of your company

ESG is an element that investors and your customers will pay attention to more and more often. By taking care of ESG, you will become attractive to them and to your existing and future employees. If you want your business to keep pace with the challenges of today, learn more about ESG. And then check how we can help you in this aspect!

 What is ESG?

ESG is more than the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) you are familiar with. These are non-financial factors that describe the company’s activities in three different areas:

  • environmental,
  • social,
  • and corporate governance.

What are ESG practices?

One of the most spectacular manifestations of the activities of companies applying good ESG practices is care for the natural environment and minimising the impact that the daily operations of these companies have on this environment.

The care of business for nature is beneficial not only for the latter, but also for entities which, thanks to their pro-ecological activity, win over their loyal customers. The idea of ESG can be summed up in a simple sentence: everything you do, do for the good of the world, people and your company.

Why is it worth being up to date with ESG?

The answer is… a climb! The ESG media coverage chart (2020-2022) climbs upward at an average 45-degree angle. It’s very steep. If ESG coverage is increasing at such an exponential pace, it means that there must be something in it!

However, there is one more element that calls for particular attention to the issue of ESG. From 2023, companies with more than 250 employees will be subject to mandatory ESG (non-financial) reporting. This is what the draft CSRD directive issued by the European Commission in April 2021 says. Smaller companies will be covered by this obligation since 2026.

 How much can you lose by neglecting ESG in your company?

Image losses, tarnished reputation, lower investor confidence – this is the beginning of an avalanche of events that may fall on a company that breaks the ESG rules or fails to meet its obligations in this regard.

In addition, there may be problems with obtaining financing, as bank decisions will increasingly be based on ESG criteria and their compliance by the company applying for funds.

How can we help you?

By ordering a weekly ESG media review from us, you will gain access to reliable sources of knowledge. It will be grouped as follows:

1) ESG strategy – information on environmental protection, compliance with environmental goals, relations with market shareholders, care for proper working conditions, compliance with health and safety rules, corporate transparency, and respect for shareholders’ rights, among others.

2) ESG law and legislation – information on which regulations may have a real impact on your company and its competitive environment in the near future.

3) ESG good practices – examples of companies that are serious about implementing ESG strategies.

Who in your company will like our ESG information the most?

1) everyone who has direct contact with ESG issues in the company and wants to know as much as possible about it;

2) managers who do not have time to search the media for information about ESG, but want to have it regularly provided in a condensed, professional and visually attractive form;

3) managers who want to see what ESG initiatives their direct and indirect competitors are undertaking;

4) PR / marketing specialists who are looking for inspiration for their advertising and image activities;

5) HR specialists who are looking for ways to make job offers more attractive and attract those candidates who share the company’s values.

What will you get as part of the ESG media monitoring service?

Every Monday, by 10 am, you will receive information via e-mail that will give you and your team food for thought.

Example? Consider how you can use the information that almost half of the companies declaring support for ESG principles do not implement them in their daily operations?

On the one hand, it is a loss for the natural environment, customers and employees. On the other hand, it means that your company has a wide range of possibilities with regard to “ESG strategy implementation”. It will be easier for you to stand out. It will also be easier to communicate to customers that your company is moving with the times.

What else will you get in the package?

First of all, a review of ESG information published in online and traditional media. Secondly, the possibility of expanding the media review with additional topics and contexts, as well as media monitoring from any country in the world.

 How can our service be ordered?

You will find more information HERE.

In brief:

1) ESG in your company is a necessity today – not an option.

2) Information on ESG is scattered in traditional and online media.

3) We collect the most valuable ESG data and present it in an attractive form.

4) Contact us if you want to implement ESG better than your competitors!

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