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An email that has been read. How to write to make sure our customer reads us?

Every company dreams about a committed group of readers. The customers who prove to be an active audience for our activities constitute a group that it is worth fighting for. It is not as complicated as it might seem. It is enough to follow several rules to gain a loyal and committed group of readers who will be looking forward to our email. So how should the perfect email look like?


Getting to know your target group is the most important step in a successful mailing. It is worth knowing to whom we direct our communications since thanks to that it will be easier for us to create content which potentially has a better chance of attracting audiences. Getting to know our target group will also help us create perfectly tailored content. Different content might interest customers from different sectors (automotive, pharmaceutical sector, banking) or people in different age groups (youth, parents, the professionally active). Personalized mailing is the key to success.

Also, make sure that you adjust your language to the proper audience group. Specialist vocabulary will definitely not work in new media but will be a perfect fit for an article devoted to matters which are inaccessible to the layman. Words are the key to effective advertising mailing.


However, your target group selection is not everything. For the readers to consider themselves truly interested in our content, we should go beyond cliché formulas. Influencers and bloggers, for whom tidbits about the latest tools are a real treat, will be a particularly welcome group that will quickly notice new solutions in our mailing. Directing proper content to them guarantees effective mailing.

Do not forget that it is not only words that make an e-mail but also its proper form and graphic layout. It is really worth taking the time to choose the right font, colours and animations. Your readers will be grateful!

It is also worth surprising the most active recipients of our newsletters. Do you know that Mr X always reads your email from beginning to end? Perhaps it is worth awarding him with an appropriate discount?


Remember that there is nothing worse than disappointing your reader. Therefore, you cannot afford to send your email once in a while. If you expect to be sending your newsletter or mailing every Monday at 3:00 pm, remember that you cannot afford to be a day or two late. Valuable content in your email will definitely find loyal fans, therefore do not keep them waiting! After all, they were the ones who made you successful. If it is remembering your mailing time that is a problem for you, make sure it is optimized. Prepare the necessary content for your specific reader group in advance and the mailing system will send it itself at the time of your choice.


The fact that the message was opened is just half of success. Definitely, the very fact that the reader clicked our mail happened thanks to the sender, i.e. us, or a catchy, short or intriguing title. Congratulations! However, do not rest on your laurels and remember that the whole message should be relatively short, its most important information should be bullet-pointed and it is also worth adding enlivening graphic elements (if you cannot afford it, at least make sure you divide the wall of text into paragraphs). Texts that are pleasing to the eye are certainly more likely to be read.


You follow all the rules but you are not sure whether your activities are effective? Don’t forget to analyze! It is worth analyzing every campaign that has been sent. Mailing reports will help you evaluate which emails did not reach their recipients and why it was the case. Perhaps some of the addressees in your database are inactive and it is worth considering updating the contact? It might turn out that the title of the message was misleading and that is why most recipients did not even open the mail. It is worth drawing conclusions, particularly from unsuccessful campaigns. It is only by being aware of our mistakes that we can avoid making them in the future!


  • Do not spam – the email should be sent only when it is necessary;
  • Put yourself in your reader’s shoes – think whether your email is interesting and would encourage you to click it;
  • Be creative, make sure your mailing is esthetic;
  • Do not disappoint your reader – make sure the email is in their inbox always on time;
  • Update your customer base, analyze campaign results and draw conclusions

Following the above principles will definitely bring desired effects in quite a short period and will give your company a satisfied audience group. Remember to always follow the golden rules of mailing as they are the ones that affect the art of writing emails which are read with pleasure. Definitely, the combination of technology, creativity and reliability is the perfect recipe for the best email in the online space.

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