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Why is it worth cooperating with microinfluencers?

We all know who influencers are. Each of us can definitely name at least a few bloggers as well as the companies that cooperate with them. As popular people, influencers impact many of our purchasing decisions. Brands want to attract the flattering opinions of influencers who can ensure success for a given product. Nearly entire influencer marketing is based on this kind of relations. However, we should not be forgetting about a bit smaller players on the marketing market who can positively influence decisions concerning our company.


As the very name suggests, microinfluencers are influencers with a bit lower social media reach than their more senior colleagues. Microinfluencers are those who have a big number of social media (Facebook, Instagram or YouTube) followers. A good microinfluencer can have about 5,000 followers, however, thanks to informed activities in social media (such as ongoing contact with fans, responding to their private messages, close, nearly fiendlike relations) they can become the perfect business partner.


It is generally known that companies which cooperate with bloggers or influencers “sell” very well on the web, especially among the younger social media users. Therefore, it is worth trusting them to advertise our products. Why is that? Entrusting our company’s product to influencers, we get a guarantee that they will be presented to the proper target group. If for instance, we sell clothing, footwear or cosmetics for the youth, we should start cooperating with teenage microinfluencers who will present our products in a good light on their blogs or Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Tik Tok accounts and thanks to that encourage new customers to buy them.

If a microinfluencer who cooperates with us has even 1,000 Instagram followers, it will ensure 8 per cent more likes for our company. Therefore, it is the best option to look for microinfluencers who have between 1,000 and 10,000 Instagram followers. Thanks to a lower number of fans, they can ensure contact with the target group at a level which is interesting to us.

Moreover, a lower number of followers gives microinfluencers the feeling of authenticity which definitely has an advantageous impact on the purchase of products recommended by us. After all, each of us is more likely to trust the nice Annie who is a student just like us rather than a spoilt young actress with whom we feel no connection.

Importantly to companies, cooperation with microinfluencers is definitely a cheaper option than working with celebrities such as actors, athletes or singers. Celebrities are fully aware of their price, therefore the promotion of a product with the help of such people is a long-term campaign which is certain to devour a lot of time and money. In contrast, due to less room for manoeuvre, microinfluencers agree to cooperate for a smaller fee or in exchange for our products as part of barter cooperation. Such an arrangement works perfectly well in the case of fashion, beauty, music, book or film bloggers. By providing them with our products, we can count on honest opinions which will definitely find an audience interested in those topics.


Now that you know the benefits of cooperation with microinfluencers, it is worth thinking about how to acquire such a business partner. Monitoring is key. Monitor your sector – see who is currently a fashionable influencer, who is being talked about, who is followed by your or your brand’s followers (it is a good option to look for them using #hashtags). Such a search will definitely help you find real gems, i.e. people who will represent your company or product well, being the perfect fit for the ideas behind the brand. It is also a good idea to look for microinfluencers from your neighbourhood. Such a move will definitely have a positive influence on the sales of your product.

When you already select your influencer group, do not forget to meet them. Remember that even though your product will be advertised online, nothing can replace face-to-face contact. By doing this, you can really get to know the person you will work with and build better relations and that is always good. Moreover, thanks to the meetings you can avoid enthusing your product to the wrong person.


However, let us not forget that it is not only our company that benefits from such cooperation. Cooperation with a well-known brand is definitely also advantageous to the microinfluencer as thanks to that they can be the first person to get to know the latest tools, services or products. Therefore, it is a real treat for those who are curious about the world and want to broaden their horizons.

As you can see, there is nothing to fear about cooperating with bloggers or microinfluencers. In the form of young and bold people, the changing marketing market gives us another opportunity to develop our business at quite a low cost. It is worth taking that opportunity.

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