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Content marketing tools that will improve your work

Virtually the entire marketing community believes that “content is king”. However, not every company fully capitalizes on the potential of valuable content thus facing a gradual loss of position in the industry. Tools supporting work in the area of content marketing are yet to see increased demand from their users. How not to lose the potential of content marketing and which tools will help you fully capitalize on it?


Updating information on a specific industry in the area in which you operate, both taking into account market trends and the progress of the competition should be part of the daily routine of the person responsible for content marketing. It is thanks to monitoring the Internet and social media that you have the chance to have an up-to-date discussion with the readers of your content. It is the case because content marketing is not only about delivering content to the recipient, above all it is about meeting their expectations and needs. Therefore, it is not enough to write, it has to be done in an informed manner. Which content marketing tools are sources of up-to-date industry news?

  • AllTop: content marketing should be largely based on “hot” topics. AllTop is a service that provides news and information from all industries on an ongoing basis. Up-to-date details of new products and changes in the area you are interested in are collected in one place. AllTop offers articles based on reliable sources. They have been sorted according to the topic, making it easier to find the content of special interest to you. Working in content marketing becomes not only easier but above all more effective. You have access to information that is currently on top and you can write about what your reader wants to read.
  • Inforia: it is a tool made available by PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów which makes it much easier for you to follow news on interesting topics. The application makes it easier to collect and segregate materials published both in traditional media (radio, TV, press) as well as in the Internet and social media. Thanks to Inforia, you can quickly get data which are precious and valuable, both for you and for your audience. It is a ready map of current topics that are the most popular and most attention attracting on the web. Thanks to Inforia, you will always be up to date with the issues that interest you.


Working in content marketing is not only about preparing content, it also involves analyzing its effectiveness and monitoring progress. There are content marketing tools on the market that make it possible to better match the content to the target group as well as take it to places with the highest website traffic.

  • Google Analytics

The most popular tool in that area. Google Analytics is a basic tool for every person responsible for every brand’s content. The tool provides information such as data on website users and answers the questions who they are, what their gender and age is, what city or region they come from and what device they use (these data help you specify the so-called mobile content). Apart from that, you have access to statistics that take into account the time they spent on your website and the number of views for a given subpage. With this information, you have the chance to develop a more detailed picture of your target group. The data are also necessary to create personae to whom you will direct all communication.

  • Audience Insight

Do you have a Facebook fanpage? Do you use that social media channel to communicate with your audience? Is it one of your content expansion channels? In that case, use Facebook Audience Insight, i.e. Audience Groups Statistics, for content marketing. Similarly to Google Analytics, the tool provides data on the basic parameters of visitors to your fanpage. Unlike Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Insight is an internal Facebook tool that works only within its limits.

  • Topic generator

To be visible on the web, which is largely decided by Google which assigns each page an appropriate position in the search engine, you need to be active on the web. This means that the content should be posted on the website regularly, be attractive, unique as well as include phrases which are popular with users. By focusing on them in the area of our industry, we continuously construct new and unique content which is not always so simple and that is why a topic generator may come in handy. It is one of the functions of the SemStorm tool. We enter a topic of interest, e.g. “shipments abroad” (for a courier or foreign transport company) and then we get a list of topics with the biggest number of searches. Additionally, the system generates real-time statistics allowing you to know how trends are changing. Examples of topics include:

  • How to address shipments abroad?
  • How to send shipments abroad?
  • What is the delivery time for shipments abroad?

Buzzsumo is another topic generator. Thanks to it, we can quickly find out which topics are currently most popular within a specific keyword or in a given industry. At the same time, we can use several useful functions of that tool such as Content Analysis (it is used to check a specific website or to compare two different contents in terms of “shareability”) and Facebook Analyzer (the content of the biggest popularity according to the number of interactions).

Content marketing should be informed, up-to-date and valuable. For this to happen in a very diverse Internet environment which is filled with content from various areas, we need support. Content marketing tools provide information on market trends, current news and information, the most popular topics as well as data about your website users. Having such a knowledge base, you can develop informed texts on current topics, providing the user with valuable content which is appreciated not only by them but also by Google algorithms.

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