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Do you know how to… interpret the size of a publication?

Each monitored material can be assessed in terms of its size. Depending on the space occupied by the information about the analyzed entity or topic, sizes can be divided into article, paragraph, mention.

  • An article – the longest media publication.

In the case of the press and the Internet, it refers to information bigger than half an A4 page or that printed in one or more columns.

On radio and television, the article refers to a material that is at least 30 seconds long.

  • A paragraph – media information of medium size.

In the press and on the Internet, it does not exceed half an A4 page.
In the case of radio and television information, the material is at least 15 seconds long.

  • A mention – the shortest piece of information, often one or several sentence long, which only briefly mentions the analyzed entity.

On radio and television, it is a material shorter than 15 seconds.

The size of a publication is a variable that is very often used in media reports. It is used to prepare compilations reflecting the share and over-time distribution of articles, notes and mentions in the entire communication, broken down by media and sources. Analysts also develop cross-compilations which combine publication size and sentiment. From the point of view of the brand’s image, the most extensive media publications with a positive sentiment are obviously most favourable.

The size of the publication is also used in quantitative and qualitative comparisons of the communication with the competition.

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