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ChatGPT and business activity: how to use this tool?

It appeared at the end of November 2022 and revolutionised many industries straightaway. The best, or perhaps worst, thing about it is that it is only just gaining momentum. Its free version is really impressive, not to mention the paid one. And on the horizon is its latest release, which is to overshadow the abilities of all previous ChatGPT versions. If you want to find out what this most unusual tool of recent years can be used for – read this article.

ChatGPT: what the report says about it?

The report, co-authored by PSMM, shows the media coverage on ChataGPT between 27 December 2022 and 30 April 2023. And even though it has been a long time since April, and literally every month in the AI industry means a new spectacular breakthrough, the conclusions of this report are still striking:

The popularity of ChatGPT is growing at an exponential rate. It has enthralled millions of users worldwide in such an instant that it has become natural for it to become known in colloquial terms as a symbol or even synonymous with artificial intelligence.

Moving on to hard data: during the period in question, ChatGPT appeared in almost 84,000 publications in traditional media (print, web, radio, TV), and generated more than 12,000 posts on social media containing this keyword.

How can I use it in my company?

At this point, a question is bound to arise in many heads: since ChatGPT is so popular and its possibilities seem endless, how can one use its potential to run a business? Here are some ideas that should inspire you to reach for this solution:

ChatGPT: the free text writer for businesses

ChatGPT shocked many with its ability to produce texts almost flawlessly. It would seem that the Polish language, with its level of complexity and rules that are obscure even to specialists, would be an insurmountable barrier for this type of tool. It turned out that these assumptions were completely wrong.

ChatGPT can handle virtually any type of text. It can create content for company blogs. It facilitates regular social media posts. It effortlessly compiles unique product descriptions for online shops. It can create newsletters and video scripts. It knows how to improve sales content. It generates keywords for any topic. It makes outlines for press articles. Translates texts into foreign languages.

It can also perform business tasks: make business plans or help to find a fresh idea for a new product or service.

Is that all it can do? Of course not…

ChatGPT: handling customer enquiries

ChatGPT has set off an avalanche. It is no surprise, then, that new tools are appearing every day that offer solutions with really revolutionary potential.

Examples include, which can be fed with data about your company and the products or services it offers, so that in the next step you can install a chatbot on your company website, which will answer any question a potential customer may have, or Yepp AI, which is dedicated to marketing and PR professionals.

Speaking of customer enquiries…

ChatGPT can explain complex issues in a way that a little child can understand (and as literally as possible). If you don’t believe it, do a simple experiment.

First ask Chat to explain some difficult phenomenon, let it be quantum entanglement for example. Then ask it to describe the same thing, but in a way that a 5-year-old child can understand. And finally lower this age to, say, three years. The outcome will certainly surprise you!

What is the conclusion? If you offer a solution in your company whose operation is too complicated for an amateur, use ChatGPT to simplify the texts that describe your product or service.

ChatGPT: educational tool

And speaking of knowledge transfer, ChatGPT is a perfect tool for generating educational materials.

For example, it will effortlessly create language quizzes for you with answers. It can also serve as a tutor with infinite reserves of angelic patience. All you have to do is ask it to explain something and, if you find it difficult to understand, repeat your request indefinitely…

What do you need to watch out for?

While the possibilities of this tool seem endless (for example, preparing questions useful when recruiting employees for your company), one thing to remember when asking questions is to approach all results with a fair amount of distrust. And to treat Chat’s suggestions more as inspiration for further consideration than as solutions for immediate implementation.

What will ChatGPT not do for you?

Having read this article and other media information, you can come to the conclusion that ChatGPT can do everything and is a cure for all diseases. This is not true! Many issues are still beyond its reach.

One of the things that ChatGPT will have a serious problem with is media monitoring and preparing media reports based on its results.

Fortunately, this still is and will be the domain of companies such as ours :)


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