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How to effectively position your brand, website, products and services?

How to position yourself on the market to be noticed by those who your company cares about the most? Before you take a predetermined position, check what makes you stand out from the competition.


on obtaining information about the activities of your competitors and how products and services solve the problems of users you plan to reach with your offer. We’ll talk about how to do that in a moment. But before that – 3 images that will make you think.

An army that disregards reconnaissance

Imagine a military unit led by a mad commander. A man who brags about two things all the time. The fact that he always improvises and the fact that he never conducts any reconnaissance.

So how does he survive? It’s simple. He feels completely safe because he directs his troops remotely, sitting in a concrete shelter away from the front line.

When it turns out that his men walk into a minefield or fall into an ambush – he runs to the media to give an interview in which he states that he is ready for this type of sacrifice.

A company that invents the wheel

Imagine a company that has been working on some totally revolutionary product for 3 years. For example, on… the wheel. Employees sit from morning to night in closed, closely guarded rooms. They are completely cut off from the world. Finally, they decide to boast about their achievements.

What happens at launch? Social media blow up to monstrous proportions the failure of a decade, perhaps even a century. Thus, they give this company a gigantic, though not necessarily desired, advertisement.

A visionary who “knows better”

Imagine an inventor and brand founder who for some reason is convinced of their genius and infallibility. Surely you know such people: regardless of the topic – they always “know better”.

They’ve been working day and night on something ground-breaking. They want to show something that the world has not seen. However, they have no idea that someone has already beat them to it. They don’t realize that someone is almost at the finish line and is about to dazzle everyone with their new product.

Brand positioning: how to act smart?

These 3 situations have one problem in common: lack of reconnaissance.

The lack of industry knowledge, identification of customer needs and recognition of competitive solutions are obstacles for any company that wants to position itself on a given market. After all, it is impossible to take a position while remaining in a vacuum, without being anchored in a specific context.

It is impossible to show customers where you are on the economic map of the world without being interested in the achievements and ways of operation of other companies.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools that will help you position yourself in the minds of customers in such a way that they will never confuse you with a competitive brand, product or service.

Tools that will enhance positioning

Here are a few selected PSMM services that are worth paying attention to when creating a new brand, product or even new content about the company:

1) Business Insights

Business Insights are key information for your company. This information is provided in the form of a daily review, newsletter or report showing what your competitors are doing and what is happening in the market. It includes examples of activities of other companies, as well as answers to the questions you ask yourself every day when running your business.

What can this tool do for you? In short: it will help you draw constructive conclusions and make the right decisions. It will stop you from making too sudden, hasty business moves. Hasty, i.e. most likely bad.

2) Social media monitoring

A multifunctional tool that helps, among other things, to learn from the mistakes of other brands. How does it work? It captures crisis situations that periodically erupt in the social media. SM monitoring is also a way to examine the quality of customer service of the company with which you intend to compete in some way.

Knowing what matters to customers will help you discover:

  • the real problems of recipients of your products and services;
  • product features that customers cannot do without;
  • the elements that are neglected or have not been noticed by other companies.

3) Press, radio and television monitoring

When working on product positioning on the market, it is also worth reaching for traditional media, which still effectively appeal to the tastes and meet the needs of their viewers and listeners. Monitoring this part of the media market will allow you to:

  • analyse your industry;
  • follow key topics;
  • learn from experts;
  • stay up to date with regulatory changes, etc.

4) Online monitoring

One of the many extremely useful options of this solution is the ability to find opinion leaders. Why is it so important? Because leaders, as people with authority among your potential customers, will help you embed your brand in a specific place on the market and reach your target audience with information about how your brand, product or service solves their real needs.

5) Media database

In order to position yourself on the market, you need not only to place yourself in a particular context. Equally important, if not the most important, is to let the world know who you are and what part of the market space you occupy. Our Media Database is an excellent tool for implementing your media strategy.

Why are PSMM solutions worth using?

Because they help you collect information on the basis of which you can start planning your brand strategy.

The more up-to-date and reliable information you obtain, the greater the chance of creating activities that will distinguish your brand, service or product from what your potential customers already know.

By distinguishing yourself from the competition, you increase the likelihood that a brand new, separate drawer will be created in the minds of customers.

A drawer marked with the name of your company.

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