#BayraktarChallenge – 22.5 million collected and PLN 15 million AVE


#BayraktarChallenge – 22.5 million collected and PLN 15 million AVE

The crowdsourcing for the Bayraktar drone for Ukraine was a spectacular success. According to the analysis carried out by PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów, the campaign launched by the journalist Sławomir Sierakowski brought not only a measurable effect in the form of collecting the necessary amount of PLN 22.5 million, but also achieved a fantastic media result, including an advertising value equivalent of over PLN 15 million.

The fundraiser is a real help for the Ukrainian armed forces, but it also has a symbolic dimension. It is a form of moral support for all Ukrainians who have been fighting the Russian aggressor for 5 months.

According to experts, unmanned drones are the future of armed conflicts. Bayraktar is a medium-altitude flying machine capable of staying in the air for up to 27 hours without landing. The drone was successfully used in attacks on Russian supply columns and provided support in most of the spectacular operations of the Ukrainian army.

The Polish fundraiser for Bayraktar was strongly supported by the media, which effectively publicised this initiative, and a huge community was created around the campaign, bringing together ordinary people, celebrities, people from the world of politics, art and business.

From June 28 to July 25, there were 912 publications about the collection in traditional media (472 in online sources, 27 in print media, 322 on the radio and 91 on TV), as well as 38,280 social media mentions, which generated 497,640 interactions (likes, comments or shares).

In total, the coverage had a huge reach and AVE of PLN 15,017,614.

‘Such a good media result is the effect of the synergy of the media and all people involved in this project,’ comments Katarzyna Popławska, marketing manager and PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów. ‘Such initiatives show the special role and power of the social media, which can be an extremely valuable carrier of ideas and really contribute to changing the surrounding reality,’ Ms Popławska adds.

The TOP 5 most active sources in traditional media are TVN24, wiadomości.onet.pl, TVN24.pl, wiadomości.gazeta.pl and 300polityka.pl.

The two most active social media sources on Facebook are the profile of the initiatior of the fundraiser, Sławomir Sierakowski, and the profile of Marcin Prokop, and on Twitter, the profile of Krytyka Polityczna and TVN24.

According to Zrzutka.pl, where the fundraiser was held, the largest individual payments amounted to PLN 100,000 (2 people). Most often, PLN 100 was paid – this amount was transferred by over 75,500 people. By July 26, 209,327 donations had been made.

The initiative also has its silent hero – Mr. Jacek, who added PLN 5 from his benefit of PLN 717 for the disabled. This beautiful gesture was appreciated by Internet users. In an impulse of the heart, they collected over PLN 70,000 for the donor in a separate fundraiser.

‘The Bayraktar fundraiser for Ukraine is the largest collection carried out so far on our website and absolutely record-breaking. Never before in the history of Zrzutka.pl have we had an initiative with such a huge goal, such a large number of donors participating in one fundraiser, or such a high intensity of payments in a short period of time,’ comments Tomasz Chołasta, co-founder of the portal Zrzutka.pl We believe that the success of Sławomir Sierakowski’s fundraiser lies in teamwork. It was primarily him who tried to promote the collection – 22 million collected on Bayraktar is the result of hundreds of hours of work of the organiser and the activation of all his contacts. We were happy to support his efforts, share the content in which he tagged us, technically help, and support in organising the collection – but the initiative always came from the organiser. We would like to thank everyone who got involved in #BayraktarChallenge – for their trust, for every share and every zloty donated. We hope that there will be more and more such noble and ambitious initiatives on Polish fundraising portals,’ Mr Chołasta adds.

There are still a few days left until the end of the fundraiser. You can still donate funds that will be entirely allocated to help fighting Ukraine.



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