Marathon chase – media-presence ranking by ‘Press-Service Monitoring Mediów’


Marathon chase – media-presence ranking by ‘Press-Service Monitoring Mediów’

Nearly 33 thousand materials were published in the media in 2015 on the subject of the 10 most popular Polish marathons. 40 per cent of the media content was dedicated to events organised in the capital city – Warsaw Marathon and ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. Cracovia Marathon took the third place on the podium.

“PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów” has drawn up a report on the media presence of Polish marathons. Just as in the previous year, Warsaw Marathon turned out to be the leader in the 2015 popularity ranking of this type of events organised in Poland. With nearly 6.7 thousand publications, the Warsaw Marathon gathered just 0.1 thousand materials fewer than ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. Just like on the podium, competition was even also at the following places. With 4.3 thousand publications, Cracovia Marathon, the third contender on the podium, outperformed Poznań Marathon and Łódź Marathon only slightly (each receiving 4.1 thousand publications).

Chart 1. Number of materials on the Top 10 Polish marathons in 2015 (press, Internet, radio&television, social media)

The media published one thousand materials fewer on the subject of Wrocław Marathon. With 1.4 thousand materials, the seventh place of the ranking is occupied by Silesia Marathon. The Top 10 of the marathons with the strongest media presence is closed by: Commando Marathon (0.9 thousand), Gdańsk Marathon (0.9 thousand) and Koleżeński Cross Marathon (0.8 thousand).

“Above all, marathons are an excellent form of promotion for cities. They attract hundreds of participants and crowds of fans, and the media interest in marathons is increasing year by year. Comparing the number of media materials dedicated to the events organised in 2014 and 2015, we can see that the media interest in such events has doubled! The fact is taken into accounts by sponsors,” comments Marlena Sosnowska, the press spokesperson for “PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów”.

Poznań Marathon is the leader of covers

An analysis of the marathons’ media presence on the first pages of newspapers and magazines has shown that the top places in the media were given to the marathon that is classified just behind the podium. Poznań Marathon was mentioned in 12 materials published on page 1 and in 8 materials published on page 2. Wrocław Marathon and Cracovia Marathon boast one mention fewer on page 1. On page 2, the capital city’s events rank high: ORLEN Warsaw Marathon (7) and Warsaw Marathon (6).

Chart 2. Top 10 Polish marathons on the press covers in 2015 (Page 1, 2, 3)

A total of 125 materials on the marathon events from the Top 10 were published on pages 1-3 – 51 per cent of them on page 1.

Cracovia Marathon was the strongest in social media

Marathon events engaged users of social media strongly. The event that received the largest number of social media publications was Cracovia Marathon (2.2 thousand posts) and Poznań Marathon (2.1 thousand). In both cases, social media dominated over the communication in other types of media (51 and 52 per cent, respectively). Wrocław Marathon (1.5 thousand) and Łódź Marathon (1.0 thousand), too, outperformed Warsaw Marathon and ORLEN Warsaw Marathon on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The analysis of the media presence in the remaining types of media shows that the leaders of the ranking aroused biggest interest among Internet services – ORLEN Warsaw Marathon 5.2 thousand materials, Warsaw Marathon 5.1 thousand. The third place in this category is occupied by Łódź Marathon – 2.9 thousand materials

On the radio and television, the leader was Warsaw Marathon – 0.3 thousand materials in each. On television, Poznań Marathon comes first – 0.2 thousand.

Warsaw Marathon with the best media position

Nearly 47 per cent of all the materials on Top 10 Polish marathons were published by national media. The largest share in this type of publications is boasted by Poznań Marathon – 67 per cent, Cracovia Marathon – 66 per cent and Wrocław Marathon – 62 per cent. Regional media, in turn, were dominated by information on Koleżeński Cross Marathon (98 per cent), Commando Marathon (89 per cent) and ORLEN Warsaw Marathon (68 per cent).

The largest numbers of impressions were generated by information on Warsaw Marathon – 1.05 billion potential contacts, ORLEN Warsaw Marathon – 0.9 billion, and Cracovia Marathon – 0.7 billion.

Chart 3. Benchmarking map* – Top 10 Polish marathons in the media (press, Internet)

Despite a small difference in the numbers of publications between the two leaders of the ranking (78), the analysis of “PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów” shows that the information on Warsaw Marathon had a much higher value when considering the advertising value equivalent of the publications. The AVE of the materials on this marathon was estimated at PLN 23.7 million, in relation to PLN 14.3 million for ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. The third result was achieved by Poznań Marathon (PLN 6.2 million), followed by Wrocław Marathon (PLN 6.1 million) and Cracovia Marathon (PLN 6.0 million).

*The benchmarking map presents the media position of the particular politicians, taking into account the following three factors: advertising value equivalent, impressions, and the number of publications.
Advertising value equivalent (AVE) – the value of publication expressed in money.
Impressions – the number of unique users’ potential contacts with media coverage.
Size of the ball – number of publications.
Position of the ball – expresses a combination of the following factors: advertising equivalent value, impressions (potential contacts) and the number of publications. The best position on the chart is the top right corner (it means that the publications showed a high AVE and a large number of potential contacts).

The analysis covers the marathons that rank in the top 10 among 56 most popular marathons in the Polish media.
Method: quantitative analysis of data
Research material: the analyzed materials were the results of monitoring over 1,100 press titles, 5 million Internet services and portals including the most popular social networking services and about 100 radio and television stations excluding radio and television programmed formats.
Period of time: January – December 2015
Media coverage: national and regional
Analyzed key words: Cracovia Maraton, Cross Maraton Koleżeński, Gdańsk Maraton, Maraton Komandosa, Maraton Łódź, Maraton Warszawski, ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, Poznań Maraton, Silesia Marathon, Wrocław Maraton

Report “Polish Marathons 2015”

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