Top Brand 2020. The strongest brands in the media


Top Brand 2020. The strongest brands in the media

Poznań, 2 November 2020

Top Brand 2020. The strongest brands in the media


The “Press” magazine and PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów have developed a report which is the result of a unique analysis of the media popularity of brands. For the third time, the Top Brand study covered as many as 500 brands from 50 sectors. For the first time, it analyzed 20 million more pieces of information.

The 13th edition of the report covered press, internet and social media content published between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 30 2020, i.e. in total over 97 million pieces of information including 2 million press texts, 15 million online texts and 80 million social media posts.

Brands on top

The survey selected 50 industries which are most frequently covered by the media. 10 brands with the biggest number of mentions were identified in each of the sectors. In the following stage, the content devoted to each brand was analyzed in detail, taking into account the adopted indicators which ultimately determine the strength of the brand. The report incorporates industry rankings and the classification of all 500 studied brands. The fifty companies with the strongest media presence in Poland were awarded Top Brand 2020 titles and statuettes.

Table 1. 500 strongest brands in 50 analyzed industries – Top Brand 2020 – alphabetical order by industry

10 strongest brands

Just like a year ago, the first position in the “Top Brand” ranking was awarded to “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The brand’s strength was measured at 11,681,088 points. The result was largely influenced by the highest impact among the 500 brands, at the level of as much as 6,635,743,304. It was quite surprising that OLX came second, with a score of 9,343,497 points. The service got ahead of PKO Bank Polski which scored 8,165,669 points. The fourth position was awarded to Bank Pekao with 7,977,868 points while PGE was fifth with 7,912,144 points.

The press brand “Super Express” was again just behind the top 5, collecting 7,503,959 points and moving up by one place in comparison with last year’s ranking. Orlen was ranked 7th this time with 6,997,230 points and followed by Mercedes with 6,870,276 points. The remaining positions in the top ten strongest brands were awarded to TV stations TVN with 6,759,604 points and Polsat with 6,237,772 points.

Photo: 1. Top Brand 2020 statuettes

The best image and the biggest impact

The communication about the brands was also subject to qualitative assessment – a positive sentiment of the mentions increased the media strength of the brand. The highest sentiment index (4.67) in the top 500 brands was recorded by Ferratum Poland, a brand from the “Loans companies” category. Honor (smartphones) came in second with a score of 4.44. The third best-rated brand was Szlachetna Paczka (4.43). The top 5 in that category also included the Sun&Fun Holiday travel agency (4.40) and PRESCO (debt collection) which had a sentiment index at the level of 4.39.

Just like in last year’s ranking, position one among top five brands with the highest information impact was awarded to “Gazeta Wyborcza” with a result of 6,635,743,304 which gave it a big advantage in that category. Orlen came second. The brand’s impact was 3,765,258,238. The third result in the 500 ranking was scored by the Siepomaga Foundation with 3,684,011,513. The final positions among top 5 brands with the best impact of the information were awarded to the media: TVN – 3 521 006 168 and “Super Express” – 3 364 836 417.

“Top Brand is the most extensive brand study in Poland. In this edition, we analyzed by almost 20 million pieces of information more than a year ago. We saw significant increases in publications on the Internet and social media. These numbers show how strongly the situation connected with the Covid-19 pandemic influenced the brands’ communication activities. This year, in addition to the analysis of 5 brands in each of the 50 industries, as part of the Top Brand study, we also give customers the option to order detailed industry reports extended to incorporate the analysis of 10 entities,” says Marcin Szczupak, head of the media reports department at PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów.

The prestigious Top Brand study is a joint undertaking of “Press” magazine which is the originator of the project and the author of the methodology, i.e. PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów, and has been carried out since 2007. The first editions offered an analysis of press publications. In 2013, the study was expanded to include online content and two years later it also incorporated mentions from social media.

The publication of the “Top Brand 2020” report was preceded by a debate on the image of companies during Covid-19. Both parts of the debate, one devoted to the company’s strategy and the other to the organization of work, are available on Top Brand’s and websites.

Link to part 1 of the debate
Link to part 2 of the debate

The participants in the debate included Magdalena Brzezińska, Corporate Affairs Director at Grupa Żywiec, Michał Fura, Communication and Public Affairs Director at UPC Polska, Dariusz Maciołek, Managing Director of the Communication and Marketing Division at BNP Paribas Bank, Paweł Trochimiuk, the CEO of Partner of Promotion and Sebastian Bykowski, Vice President of the Management Board, Director-General at PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów. Katarzyna Buszkowska, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Press magazine, was the moderator.

Basics of methodology

The methodology used in the study is based on the use of comparable indicators for all types of mentions, taking into account the specificity of the press, internet portals and social media. The value decisive for a brand’s position in the ranking is invariably the brand strength, i.e. the resultant of several variables (impact, sentiment index and the number of publications) which show both the number of contacts with the brand and the qualitative assessment of the communication about it. To calculate the total impact of the analyzed materials, a correction factor was used for short, one-word or one-sentence mentions. The impact of such publications on the ranking was limited so as not to obscure the importance of content connected with the current operations of the brands which usually has more influence on their image.

Indicators used in the “Top Brand 2020” study

Impact – the impact of a mention about a brand based on data on the consumption of the media outlet.

Sentiment index – a factor based on sentiment; it reflects the share of positive, neutral and negative publications in the overall communication about a given brand: the higher it is, the better.

Brand strength – the final value determining the position in the ranking; is an index of several variables reflecting both the number of recipients’ contacts with the brand and the qualitative assessment of the communication.

A video presenting the methodology used in the study
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