The innovation race is in full swing!


The innovation race is in full swing!

Poznań, 2 November 2020


The innovation race is in full swing!


Smartphone producers and telecommunications operators virtually never cease to surprise their customers with new products. It might seem that the problems brought about by the pandemic must have hurt the two industries and cause them to slow down significantly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. According to the Top Brand 2020 ranking, i.e. a joint cyclical project of the “Press” magazine and the information agency “PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów,” brands from those sectors regained their full power despite the temporary slowdown and are still among those with the strongest and most effective impact on their recipients.

High positions in the Top 500

The first position in the Smartphones category as awarded to Samsung which collected 2,548,867 points. It was just slightly ahead of iPhone which scored 2,485,506 points although it had almost three times more publications and a slightly higher impact. Huawei was also on the podium with 2,293,148 points, having had more publications than the media winner in the sector. The following positions in the smartphone sector were taken by Xiaomi with 1,237,505 points and LG with 606,435 points and the highest sentiment index at 3.88.

The first three brands were included in the top 50 of the ranking on positions 38, 40 and 49 respectively.

Chart 1. Top 5 brands on the smartphone market, Top Brand 2020

“The list of the media-strongest brands in that sector may indicate that the iPhone will eventually lose its leading position in innovation on the smartphone market,” says Antoni von Hake, media analyst at PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów. The first place was taken by Samsung which attracted the attention of journalists and users with the premiere of the new models of its Galaxy devices, i.e. S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra.

Most of the materials about the Top 5 mentioned products. The topics most frequently discussed in social media were the iPhone (97.2 per cent of the communication), Xiaomi (94.4 per cent) and Huawei (93 per cent). The biggest number of reports about LG was recorded in the press and on the Internet (0.9 and 23.9 per cent of the coverage).

The smartphone top 10 in the Top Brand study also included Motorola with 560,010 points, Honor with 522,943 points, Nokia with 329,798 points, Google Pixel with 276,505 points and Sony Xperia with 221,531 points. Publications about Honor showed a very high sentiment index of 4.44, the second-best reading in the entire ranking.

The leading image of Plus in the telecommunications industry

New smartphone models and offers were the most common context in which telecommunications brands were present in the media.

“Telecommunications operators are mentioned in both traditional and social media. Their sponsorship activity also has an impact on the number of mentions. In the case of Plus, it is its support for PlusLiga, in the case of Orange, it is its sponsorship of the Orange Warsaw Festival and Opener,” says Kamil Wyszomirski, senior media analyst at PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów.

As a result, the strength of industry winner Plus was estimated at 5,676,778 points. It was caused both by the impact result of 1,823,584,425 and a large number of publications (245,694). Orange came second with 3,598,130 points. The brand’s sentiment index was higher than that of the leader at 3.29. The third position went to the brand Play. Its strength was estimated at 2,581,806 points.

The top five also included T-Mobile with a score of 2,064,520 points and Virgin Mobile with 224,908 points.

Other members of the top ten in the sector were Heyah with 167,226 points, Nju Mobile with 166,822 points, Plush with 137,668 points, Premium Mobile with 93,099 points and a2mobile with 41,557 points.

Chart 2. Top 5 brands in the telecommunications sector, Top Brand 2020

In the 13th edition of the “Top Brand” report, the study covered press, internet and social media content published between 1 July 2019 and 30 July 2020, i.e. in total over 97 million pieces of information including 2 million press texts, 15 million online texts and 80 million social media posts. The analyzed materials concerned the 10 strongest brands from the 50 industries with the strongest media coverage. In total, the report describes 500 brands. The study used the same indicators for all types of mentions, taking into account the specificity of the press, web portals and social media such as impact, sentiment index and brand strength.

Infographics “Smartphones” – brand ranking 2020
Infographics “Telecommunications” – brand ranking 2020

More about the results of the Top Brand 2020 study
Top Brand 2020 ranking methodology

Indicators used in the “Top Brand 2020” study

Impact – the impact of a mention about a brand based on data on the consumption of the media outlet.

Sentiment index – a factor based on sentiment; it reflects the share of positive, neutral and negative publications in the overall communication about a given brand: the higher it is, the better.

Brand strength – the final value determining the position in the ranking; is an index of several variables reflecting both the number of recipients’ contacts with the brand and the qualitative assessment of the communication.

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