Rio 2016: Włodarczyk, Majka and Małachowski won in the media


Rio 2016: Włodarczyk, Majka and Małachowski won in the media

XXXI Summer Olympics has gone down in history. 235 Polish representatives were awarded a total of 11 medals. “PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów” has summed up the media presence of the event and its medallists and found that the Anita Włodarczyk’s sponsors benefited the most.

62 thousand materials on the Olympics were published in the conventional media in the period from 5 to 21 August 2016. The largest number of publications was added on the Internet – 45 thousand, followed by the radio channel (6 thousand) and television (5 thousand). The subject was covered the least by the press (nearly 5 thousand). The advertising value equivalent of the media materials totalled PLN 362 million.

In the Internet, XXXI Summer Olympics was covered the most widely by portals (2.5 thousand materials), (1.6 thousand), (1.3 thousand) and (1.2 thousand) and (1.1 thousand). The event was commented on also on national radio and television channels: TVP Info (1,3 tys.), Polsat News (1,1 tys.), Polskie Radio Program 1 (1 thousand), TVN24 (0.7 thousand) and Radio TOK FM (0.6 thousand). The leading pres titles were “Przegląd Sportowy” (0.4 thousand), “Sport” (0.3 thousand), “Express Bydgoski” (0.2 thousand). The TOP 5 included also “Gazeta Wyborcza” (0.2 thousand) and “Polska” (0.1 thousand).

Twitter was the most active social medium

In the social media, 274 thousand messages were posted in the context of the Olympics. Internet users were the most active on Twitter: this portal alone produced 152 thousand tweets and comments. The second most popular channel was Facebook (102 thousand), followed by Instagram, Wykop and YouTube.

Internet users informed about the competitions in Rio de Janeiro throughout the analysed period, with the peak in their activity falling on 11 August. Men were much more active than women in informing about the Olympics. The materials on RIO generated nearly 3 million “likes”, 137 thousand reposts and 108 thousand comments.

Chart 1. Number of publications on the subject of Polish medallists in the period 05.08-21.08.2016

Medallists with the strongest media presence

In the context of the Olympics, a sport event of such great significance, journalists covered widely also the subject of its participants – particularly the medallists. Companies sponsoring such athletes as Anita Włodarczyk, Rafał Majka and Piotr Małachowski can consider themselves to be winners, too, because they achieved unprecedented returns on their investments. These athletes generated the largest number of publications and the highest advertising value equivalent.

By the number of media materials on the Olympics in the press, on the radio, television and Internet portals, the winner is Anita Włodarczyk, gold medallist in women’s hammer throw, who achieved a result of 5.7 thousand publications worth PLN 44.6 million.

“Such a large number of publications on Anita Włodarczyk proves how huge the expectations were for her performance. The world record holder coped with media pressure and secured her place in the history of the Olympics, winning the competition with a better result than the result accomplished by the winner among men,” explains Alicja Dahlke-Jurgowiak, PR and marketing expert at “PRESS -SERVICE Monitoring Mediów”.

Chart 2. Advertising value equivalent of publications on the subject of Polish medallists in the period 05.08-21.08.2016 r.

The second place is taken by Rafał Majka, with 5 thousand publications and AVE worth PLN 33 million. On the media podium, there is a place also for Piotr Małachowski, Olympic vice-leader in discus throw (3.6 thousand publications). Analysts at “PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów” estimated the value of the publications on Małachowski at PLN 25 million. The top five includes also Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozłowska (3 thousand publications) and Natalia Madaj (2.7 thousand publications). Further places are occupied by Marta Walczykiewicz, Beata Mikołajczyk, Karolina Naja, Wojciech Nowicki and Monika Ciaciuch.

The advertising value equivalent of all the publications on the Polish medallists totalled PLN 284 million!


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