Leśna Góra wins, Sandomierz back on the podium


Leśna Góra wins, Sandomierz back on the podium

Among the TV-series towns, the fictitious town of Leśna Góra marked the strongest presence in the media in the second half of 2014. In the context of „Na dobre i na złe”, a TV series aired by TVP2, the name of the town was mentioned in 949 materials.

The second place on the podium is occupied by Warsaw, owing to the growing popularity of „M jak Miłość”, a television production of TVP2. The Polish capital was present in 881 materials and it boasts presence in the largest number of press materials. Sandomierz, where „Ojciec Mateusz” is set (TVP1), comes third. Just 18 materials fewer were published about it.

The fourth most frequently mentioned town was Wilkowyje from TV series „Ranczo” (TVP1) – 789 publications. Top 5 is closed by Łódź, mentioned in the context of „Komisarz Alex” (TVP1), which gathered 731 publications.

Chart 1. Benchmarking map – TOP 10 towns in the context of TV series by the number of impressions (press, Internet)* and estimated AVE

In the context of TV series „M jak Miłość”, Warsaw outperformed clearly other towns in respect to both impressions, considering press and Internet (545.5 million potential contacts) and the publications’ advertising value equivalent (PLN 20.7 mln). 68 more contents about Leśna Góra could potentially reach 494.4 million people, but the AVE of these materials totalled just PLN 8.2 million. By the number of impressions, the third result was achieved also by the capital city, in relation to TV series „Na Wspólnej”. The advertising equivalent of these publications was estimated at PLN 13.3 million.

Łódź and Toruń mainly in regional media

The large majority of contents with the names of the analyzed towns came from sources with nationwide coverage (75 per cent in total). In this type of media, all the materials on Nastajki and Ostróda were published – in the context of TV series „Cisza nad rozlewiskiem”. The national media covered also 98 per cent of the communication on Grabina, 92 per cent of materials on Gródek („M jak Miłość”) and 97 per cent of materials on Leśna Góra in relation to TV series „Na Sygnale” and 92 per cent of materials on the same town in the context of „Na Dobre i na Złe”.

Only two towns gained an advantage in regional sources – Łódź („Komisarz Alex”) – 64 per cent of contents related to the town – and Toruń („Lekarze”) – 57 per cent. In the case of Łódź, the most active sources were „Polska – Dziennik Łódzki” (18 publications), „Express Ilustrowany” (14) and Dzienniklodzki.pl (8). Toruń was a frequent visitor to „Nowości” (33), „Gazeta Wyborcza – Toruń” (12), „Gazeta Pomorska – Toruń” (8) and „Express Bydgoski” (7). Six publications were recorded at Internet portal Pomorska.pl.

Another town that marked a strong presence in regional media was Bydgoszcz, whose name was evoked in 29 publications in the context of TV series „Lekarze” and 16 publications on the subject of „Prawo Agaty”.

Chart 2. The number of publications on analyzed towns in the context of TV series and their percentage share in national and regional media

Sandomierz still in the lead

The adventure of Sandomierz with TV series „Ojciec Mateusz” continues already for a seventh year now. Once again the analysis conducted by „PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów” proves that this way of promotion generates a great deal of publicity to the town situated on seven hills. In the second half of 2014, the name of the town was mentioned in 167 press publications, 235 Internet publications, 13 radio and 9 television materials. As a result, the town took the third place in the ranking of the media presence of TV series towns, with a total result of 863 materials. The town advanced one position in the ranking in relation to the first half of 2014 (502 publications) and two positions in relation to the second half of 2013 (394). Sandomierz attracted the attention of chiefly national media – as many as 672 publications, which accounted for 78 per cent of the entire communication on the town. Together with Łódź, the town turned out to be also the leader in respect of page-1 presence in press titles (7 covers). It was also the most frequently mentioned town in social media – it recorded as many as 439 mentions.

TV-series towns in social media

In their posts and comments, the users of the most popular social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wykop and Forum.Gazeta.pl – were interested the most in Sandomierz. Most frequently, on Facebook, which gathered 337 mentions. Considerable publicity was generated also by Wilkowyje from „Ranczo”, which recorded 337 publications, including 393 on Mark Zuckerberg’s service. Leśna Góra („Na Dobre i na Złe”) gathered 35 fewer publications in total, with Facebook accounting for 99 per cent of the contents. At the following places, there were Grabina (219 materials) and Warszawa (182) from TV series „M jak Miłość”.

Chart 3. Top 10 TV-series towns in social media

Report „Towns in TV series”

*Benchmarking map presents the media position of particular towns with regard to three factors: advertising equivalent value, the number of impressions and the number of materials.
Advertising equivalent value (AVE) – the value of publications expressed in money
Impressions – the number of potential readers’ and unique users’ contacts with media coverage.
Size of the ball – the number of publications
Position of the ball – expresses a combination of the following factors: advertising equivalent value, impressions (potential contacts) and the number of publications. The best position on the chart is the top right corner (it means that the publications showed a high AVE and a large number of potential contacts).


The study concerns selected Polish-made TV series aired in the period from July to December 2014 by TVN, TVP1 and TVP2, set in contemporary Poland: Barwy Szczęścia, Blondynka, Cisza nad rozlewiskiem, Klan, Komisarz Alex, Lekarze, M jak Miłość, Na dobre i na złe, Ranczo, Prawo Agaty, O mnie się nie martw, Na sygnale, Przyjaciółki, Pierwsza Miłość, Na wspólnej, Ojciec Mateusz, Na krawędzi.
Method: quantitative analysis of data
Research material: the analyzed materials were the results of monitoring over 1,100 press titles, 5 million Internet services and portals including the most popular social networking services and about 100 radio and television stations excluding radio and television programmed formats.
Period of time: July-December 2014
Media coverage: national and regional
Analyzed key words: place names – Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Drohiczyn, Gdańsk, Gietrzwałd, Grabina, Gródek, Jeruzal, Józefów, Konstancin, Krynica Zdrój, Leśna Góra, Łódź, Majaki, Nastajki, Nowy Sącz, Ostróda, Sandomierz, Supraśl, Toruń, Warszawa, Wilkowyje, Wrocław in all declensions

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